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Now globally recognised as the market leader in influencer branding, Genflow build and operate businesses for social influencers that create and immediate revenue streams and large company valuations.

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Workout Guide Design
Alice Klomp Pineapplebrat wokrout guide covers
We have worked closely with Genflow to create a number of bespoke workout and nutrition guides for their diverse range of clientele.

We selected colours and fonts that would help us create striking and engaging guides, attenuating the individual personalities of each influencer to appeal to their army of online followers. Through Genflow, our designs have had a potentially audience of over 7 million users gloablly. All content and imagery was supplied by Genflow.

AJBXNG open guide showing 2 pages
AJBXNG open guide showing 2 pages

Some of the brands we've worked with at Genflow

FRSTPL>CE Guide cover
FRSTPL>CE Guide 2 page spread
Marino Katsouris Guide cover and inner pages
Marino Katsouris Guide cover
Hanna Oberg Guide Covers
Hanna Oberg Guide 2 page spread
Pineapplebrat guide 2 page spread
Pineapplebrat guide 2 page spread
QiQi uide Cover and inside pages
QiQi guide 2 page spread
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